17 August 2006

Mac envy

I don't own a Mac. I never cared for them until I got the chance to use OS X, which has changed my mind. Recently I started to look into Cocoa and Objective C as well, and now I am coveting the mighty Mac Pro. The problem with this scenario is that a Mac Pro is quite expensive, so I started to look into getting a hold of a PowerMac G4. Something with 800+Mhz should be enough to be useful, and with a new 3.5" disk it surely should be fast enough to run OS X and XCode.

But alas, the prices for such an old machine is astronomical in Sweden. People do for some reason believe that they can charge 4-5 times the price here than what it costs to get a used one on ebay (England, the US, Austria, Germany, I looked all over the place, all much cheaper than here). I for example found a great machine in England. Dual 1.42Ghz G4s, 1.25 GB of memory, and for around 120 sterling pounds. Smack in a reasonable 7200 rpm modern disk and I would be in business.

I could buy it, but then I would have to have it shipped to a friend in London, and well, it would cost me both an arm AND a leg to have it shipped over here, which really is a drag. Something tells me that I will have to get a gig on the side to make some money to be able to buy a real proper Mac Pro, but before that happens I guess they have already released a new Mac:)

Which brings me to another thing, webcams for the Mac. How come the only webcam that says "Made for OSX" on is the iSight? It is horribly expensive for a webcam, we really don't need that kind of quality. And again, where does people get off thinking that you can charge that kind of money for used things...

But where does that leave me with me wanting to code for OS X? Well, luckily for me my wonderful little girlfriend/fiancé/sambo/cutie of a laundry fairy does own an iBook. So the next best thing after that nice dual G4 would be to get an external firewire/USB disk and install OS X on that one plus XCode and all that glory. Then I could finally be in business and be able to finally code some Cocoa. See what all the fuzz is about:) And I could post some more interesting posts about my struggles with Objective C instead of whining about not being able to get a Mac myself:)

(Anyone who would want to donate a decent G4 Mac to me, email me:))

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Oh the modern troubles of man....