19 August 2007

The cult of white

What is up with me and white plastics? Have I fallen in love with the 60s all over again? Surely not, I hate the look of industrial design from back then. But I like white plastics, because I have a lot of electronics in white plastic. I have my trust macbook (and I secretly wish they made 15.4" macbooks with all the goodies from a macbook pro, but with the design of the macbook, in white, not freaking fugly black!). I have the white Sony Ericsson M600i and I wish they could have kept the look for the P1i, because it is metallic and black.

Let's go on. Did I pick a black or a pink Nintendo DS (awsome gaming machine!), noooo. I promptly went for the white one. White plastic covering really entertaining electronics. Nice clean design. Same goes with the iPod on its way to yours truly. White. Found the pattern yet? But it might just be that I don't want things in black. I don't like the black HP at work for instance. It's not nice looking at all.

I do love the look on the iPod mini, I would love a green or blue macbook pro. Or a green or blue plastic macbook. But since I have the white macbook it seems like I am drawn towards the same look in other devices.

Which leads me to the iMac. Nice new design and all, but I am looking forward to the next *BIG* change in design from Apple. I honestly miss the first iMac and the old PowerMacs. I like that they are colorful and fun. Is the mac turning too serious? Too Pro? Maybe. We'll see what happens next:)


suraken said...

visst är vitt fint men jag skulle ha köpt en rosa nintendo ds :-)

Proteus, said...

..and maybe, just maybe you your taste is not really your own but simply a marketing trick ;-)