27 September 2007


I wonder how many little nifty things that I have missed in OS X. Now and then I find some pretty darn nifty stuff, just out of nowhere really. Today's uncovered gem is one quite simple little thing. I happened to press Command when clicking on the titlebar (whatever is that called in Apple speak? I seem to never know:) ) on a Quicktime window I noticed a little drop down. Funny thing, it actually showed where the file I was playing was, and then each consecutive item was one folder closer to the root.

I gingerly tried it in a few other apps, some didn't react, but the finder sure did, and so did Safari. Very very nifty indeed. So the question I am asking myself is, am I really using OS X to its fullest potential? What other really useful little tidbits am I missing out on? I want to know, I crave the knowledge engraved on long lost tablets, the wisdom in tomes of dark magic, and quite possibly that nice page Apple page (http://www.apple.com/pro).

I think that I am just going to post the little interesting hidden features I find along the ride. So stay tuned, but don't hold your breath :)


Proteus, said...

Soon (today or tomorrow) I will join you in discovering cool things in OS-X :-)
Got a MacBook (white) as a christmas present from a friend :-O

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