13 July 2008

More about C++ and programming

What is this? Yet another post? This quickly after the last one? Most people surely most have *completely* missed that I have posted something anyways :) Well, bad bad jokes aside. I remember one more major thing that bothers me about C++ and other languages. I think that it might be related to static vs. dynamic, but I'll leave *that* discussion for later. Here it comes, hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen...


Yeah, it is that simple. C++ hates change, it breaks and creeks and the architecture gets stale and bad bad bad things happen. It is really closely related to the last post, because it is about fighting the language. The problem of the problem is that almost always you loose. Refactoring turns into a nightmare. Most often because of management (The Management, a.k.a. the root of all failures), second most often because of the language, and only a few brave and lucky make it in the end.

A language should be ready to be the instrument of molding your solution into whatever it needs to become, an ever changing dance between new problem and new solution.

I am looking at Obj-C, Python, Lisp, etc because of exactly that. We'll see where my journey takes me :)

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