12 July 2008

What makes C++ wrong?

So, what is it, in my humble opinion, that makes C++ wrong then? It is not something specific in the language, even if I am sure one can discuss particulars for days on end:) It's all quite simple, when you step back a few steps and look at what happens when you develop in C++ one can notice that there are two different activities. Solving the problem at hand, and fighting with the language. The first one is vital to any programming, it's the very point of it after all. It's what you should spend time on, and that is what makes it all worthwhile.

So what is that second thing? Fighting the language? That is everything you do that doesn't really solve your problem, but rather the language getting in your way. It's stuff like compatibility issues, low level technicalities, compiler peculiarities, refactoring woes, and the list goes on. I am sure that most C++ developers could collectively make it a huge and comprehensive list. I won't, I will leave that up to you dear reader:)

So the problem with C++ is that I am fighting it more than I am solving my problems. I am sure all languages involves some fighting, the question is how much. I will leave the subject prematurely without any proper analysis or similar, because I want you, the poor sod who decided to read my blog, to think about this yourself and form your own opinion.

Myself I am happily going to discover how much fighting I will have to do with Obj-C, Python, Lisp, etc. I am happy that I do know C++ though, because it has made me a battle hardened veteran in the legions of the Code Marines. I feel confident that I can be victorious in any future battle now. I fought the battle of the valley of C++ and I survived!

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